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VISA Information

An FAQ guideline from Ministry of Home Affairs, India regarding issue of VISA is available here.  Some embassy might require the letter from the Indian Government approving the Conference. The clearances from different ministries for the conference will be made available shorlty. If the respective embassy requires the invitation letter addressed to the individual, then please write to

Weather: “Gateway to South India” Tamil Nadu is blessed with a climate of moderate temperatures. Chennai has a constant weather almost all through the year. The months from October to February are winter months, which remains pleasant with occasional light rain showers.

Food: Tamil Nadu is every food-lover's paradise. Tamil Nadu cuisine offers a multitude of dishes, ranging from the traditional sadya to seafood delicacies. Mostly cooked with coconut oil, the food is rich in aroma and taste and texture. Vegetarian food of Tamil Nadu is generally milder and blander in taste on the other hand non-vegetarian food savors various spices.

Accommodation: Chennai has good and convenient accommodation options for visitors. You can book the accommodation prior to visit to avoid any problems. There is an array of hotels in Chennai with a range of price to suit your needs.
Few of the nearest hotels are:

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How to Reach :

Air-Connections: The Chennai International Airport is about a 45-50 minutes drive from the VIT. The Conference venue is located at VIT Campaus, Kelambakkam, Chennai. The taxifare ranges from INR 450 to 600. 

Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport: Google Maps